DevFrame was formed on 1.2.2001 as an informal meeting place for developers to exchange ideas, code, do some brainstorming. DevFrame will also be hosting a couple of projects, starting in the near future:

JDataLoader - a distributed DB loading scheme and software for the enterprise.

JPCBDesigner - An free PCB designer. Originally started out of personal need, I'm hoping to get this project to such a state that it can be published and used by others some time in the near future.

Check back to the sight soon to see how things are develping, or contact us if you would like further information to projects.

Note: This site is still very much under construction and probably will be for some time to come. Please bare with us during this time if one or the other link does not work as expected. Thanks in advance.

The site has been set up by Gareth Martin and Andrew Fowler. Both are experienced software engineers with many years experience in the field as contractors. If you'd like to get in touch with either of us, check out our individual pages and send us a mail.





Last updated: 2002-09-23.